Visit Hong Kong

HONG KONGis very much ‘abroad’. The wide streets of central Hong Kong and the surrounding districts have been a familiar sight to those lucky enough to have grown up in this Northern Thai province. Yet, Hong Kong is also home to a huge amount of wonderful Asian restaurants, serving a wide range of delicious food from nasi goreng (rice noodles) to yucca omele ( Variety of pavilions filled with meat, vegetables and fish).

Hong Kong is also hosts to a huge amount of enchanting attractions — Institute of Asian Civilisations (INE), Ocean Park — were you want to go beyond Hong Kong — Ocean Park is a more than just a zoo. There are a variety of mini-zoostaining various local animals, a variety of miniature-golf courses including the world’s largest 18-hole golf course, a0312. This 18-hole par 71 course is ideal for both short and long walks, as well as running, running and bike riding. Guests can also enjoy the lush green hills around the park, or ride on one of the park’s stationary cars.Other attractions include a mini-rome where visitors can enjoy flying foxes.

Hong Kong is definitely a romantic spot, so for those looking for outdoor adventures, try include the city’s many bungee jumps and high ropes courses. Or, for those of you looking for something more relaxing, perhaps a trip to Hong Kong’s many canals and bridges will be more than enough. Whether you stay in a resort or hotel, staying in accommodation with a sea view is not an uncommon choice given the charms of Harbour Village.

As with any major area, there are many tourist attractions in Hong Kong. But in addition to these, Hong Kong is also home to song and dance theater, temples, quaint shops, lazy rivers and many more. And if you want to take advantage of the quite but occasional crowded areas, there are many fine hotels to be found.

If you are looking for a relaxing form of entertainment, Hong Kong is still the place to be. Big groups of gals or guys can be found staggering through the streets or gathered at clubs. Single ladies looking for a date can find one almost any time of the summer. In Hong Kong, there are lots of public parks–our largest, Han Dynasty, contains 8 of Hong Kong’s most important parks.

Shopping is the second national obsession for tourists.

LatLyin ( Belgrave’s Palace Lighthouse) is the city’s most trendy attraction, boasting a brilliant shopping arcade and lined with high-class restaurants. within the Fort Cornwallis II Shopping Center, so you can expect to spend your afternoons finding some unusual items to take home. Chinese-style vegetarian restaurants, Thai, French, Italian and Indian restaurants are scattered throughout the city. The Harbour City and trendy Tsim Tsa Tsui are also very popular hangouts during the summer months.

Gardens are another important aspect of a visit to Hong Kong. They may seem a little out of place as you slumber in Victoria Peak or sleep at the foot of the Peak, but for those who are visitors, they symbolize Hong Kong’s blossoming reputation as a tourist destination.

There are around 10,000 or so places to walk around in Hong Kong.Getting lost in Hong Kong is no big deal–take in the city’s street names as varied as the centuries. Or you can import your own map of the city and find your way around places using a street simplified in the center. The natives may be a little impassive when it comes to navigation, but every now and then you will be told in a museum or public gathering place that the town has a legend attached to a certain street–and that legend may be as old as the stone itself.

quinoxiangamerican hotel in central Saiha, Hon Soi, is said to house the spirit of Princess Butterfly who Came from Heaven to help Rescue a Princely Man whoingly invited invaders to come and take him away.slip in and out of this fairy talechanted place at night to hear a soft, haunting Christmas choral arrangement and traditional music.

Just across the street is the refundable Tibetan T-shirt Factory. Their factory sells all sorts of authentic Tibetan clothing–ties, shawls, hats, scarves and tops.

If you want to be as authentic as possible, pressed for time or simply have a concerned heart about your shoestring budget, there are several other places in Hong Kong that are as authentic and affordable as possible.

Three restaurants in particular are worth a look:

For Thai food: try The Bangkok Restaurant at the Bangkok Hotel in Central Hong Kong. There is no shortage of nice Thai food at this cheap feast and the prices are still can be set inexpensively while still being really affordable.

For Chinese food:fight!