Hotels and campings

An increase in the number of travelers has led to an increase in the need for accommodation. Tourism takes a large chunk out of any local economy and nearly all locally employed individuals rely on tourism for survival. Despite this fact that tourism accounts for an ever-increasing proportion of the GDP of many economies, only 20% of the world’s tourist is located in Europe. (The 8 most popular destinations are the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, England, Belgium and Russia).

As a consequence of this Europe has become a major tourist destination and currently over one fifth (20%) of all the world’s travelers come from elsewhere

has led to an increase in the accommodation ranges offered by hotels, cottages and apartments. As a consequence of this more and more people are choosing to stay in hotels, cottages and apartments rather than at a resort or hotel.

existing in a hotel is now a unusual option and the most attractive

is to be able to mix with others in the same circumstances.

Many hotels offer a succession of differentults, 36 -72 (iso time) and all with a common room,all with a continental breakfast, many with a free tea or coffee and most with a snack bar.

If you wish to stay in hotels you must of course make similar arrangements for your children and any other baggage you wish to take along.

Most hotels offer a next day service just to those who have booked direct with the hotel through the internet.

Hostels (also known as guest houses) are normally owned by the host family and operated in much the same way as hotels with one or more rooms and usually only having one entrance. They are usually brightly painted, tastefully decorated and well kept with a host ofryan buildings available to visit. Many hostels provide a self catered facility.

Budget hotels and apartments are in a similar situation. The cheapest accommodation is in dormitories, rooms which normally sleep from 4-8 people apart from washing machines and free Wi-Fi. Dorm rooms are not always available, but if you do succeed in getting one its full of bunk beds, and very few people will be in it at the same time as yours. areda house apartments are usually owned by single families and are a great way to save cash and enjoy some privacy. A lot of the apartments are going through undergone extensive renovations and refurbishment. They provide a lot of informality and are lived in mostly by single families or groups of friends.

Kierstoppers (Transfers from Berlin to West Germany) are the name for the buses that travel between Berlin and West Germany. They are popular and were first launched in the summer of 2006. They are very cheap transportation and you can catch one a a good number of times for the one day journey. Their route takes you via Warschauer Strasse and makes stops in cities such as Freiburg, Heidelberg, Munich and Nuremberg. You can choose between city and countryside tours and a bus pass that is valid for both.

U/S-Bahn’s(7-16 mph)

Online trip planning and maps for buying local transport line and Hudson maps for the U or S Bahn would help you get most places with ease. It is good to know that most of U or S Bahn’s bus lines branch out of three main stations — Potsdam, Braunschweig and Boen tilting. You may use the travel information cards (TIR’s) that allow you to buy multiple travel certificates in one ticket.

Air transport

Next to driving on land, the aircraft is the fastest way to get around in most countries. The aircraft in most cases drop you off at a main road with taxi cabs another 20-30 minutes later. Public transport such as trains and buses are really slow and more dangerous ways of moving from A to B. Trains in especially scenic places are slow and give you quite a lot of time between destinations but the risk/reward balance is not always worth it. Train tickets are often cheaper at the end of a route.

If you fly, you can buy your tickets before you leave home just before you leave. Most airlines allow you to change your return ticket for a new one after you have arrived safely. Don’t assume you can change your plane ticket for a different one once you’ve arrived.

When using Eurostar, a return ticket is required if you are changing the flight plan. With some airlines you can change your return ticket for a new one once you’ve arrived safely up to 60 miles from the original destination. With most airlines you will need to have a reservation so you can get a seat.