Costa Rica Beaches

Surfing Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast Č The Pacific coast of Costa Rica is fast becoming one of the hippest spots on the backpack merry-go-round. It’s a surfer’s paradise in Central America’s most laid-back holiday spot. Areas such as the Nicoya peninsula and Dominical further to the south are the real hotspots where the beaches are sublime and trees and rocks tumble down the meet the fine, white sand – Costa Rica has a reputation for its magnificent flora and fauna and there’s nothing to be disappointed about on that score here. Pelicans and frigate birds wheel overhead as the booming calls of howler monkeys resound from the nearby rainforests. For those not satisfied by the ocean alone there are also numerous hikes in the region and due to Costa Rica’s relatively small size you are never far away from the eco-tourism centres further inland.

Sticking out like a spare limb into the temperate waters of the Pacific, Nicoya has a myriad of unspoiled beaches where the breakers roll in consistently offering great surfing for all levels of ability whether you’re a pale rookie paddling out for the first time or a sun-gnarled veteran. It is this variety that makes the area perfect for one of the world’s fastest growing sports and the region has had a fantastic reputation in the worldwide surfing community. A few years ago villages such as Santa Teresa were no more than a few fishing huts clustered together but with the boom of tourism in the area numerous services are now provided by locals offering the dusty streets a ramshackle charm – a perfect setting for the laid-back surfers and the ever-growing community of young visitors. For those just wishing to hang out then there a numerous beach restaurants and beer shacks where laid back tunes and chilled cerveza set the tone for the after hours entertainment.

Further to the South lies Dominical, probably Costa Rica’s most famous surfing grounds. It’s slightly less isolated than the Nicoya region offering easy access to the surrounding national parks and also the nation’s capital, San José. It’s also within easy reach of numerous Costa Rican eco-tourism centres, highlighting the importance of the region’s natural resources in both local and international endeavours. The choice of surfing experiences available in the region is sheer as well as the wide range of terrain to challenge even the most athletic of surfers. In addition to the classic beaches and secluded coves, there are also areas perfect for family swimming, sailing and snorkelling.

For those just wishing to come and relax after a day at the beach or for those who prefer a sportier pursuits, water skiing and rafting are both popular in the region. Offers even offer the chance to get involved in the kayaking and canyoning.

Costa Rica

With geographical location, climate and a Volunteering culture, Costa Rica can offer you an all-year round adventure. Accommodation ranges from hostels to mid-range hotels and does not fail to make the most of the spectacular Costa Rican scenery. A destination for lovers and newlyweds, the place has an unmistakably romantic ambience and lifestyle.

Diving in Playa Tortuga

unravel one of the world’s finest marine ecosystems as you explore the stunning coral reefs of the Caribbean coast. Accommodation in the area is varied and the Water Sports Centre is the resort of choice for many visiting for a wedding or holiday.

The lodge offers a marriage license, hotel card and certificate, two visitor passes, sun tan lotion, basic wedding arrangements, and friendly travel assistance.

Isla Saona

The island is located on the Central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, off the twelfth province of Golfo Dulce. The place is eleven kilometers north of Playa Ceniza, a popular Playa for hundreds of honeymooners every year.

The area is nine kilometers long and three kilometers wide and has a shallow crescent coastline. Hotels, condos and bungalows make up the accommodation and it is just a short walk to the beach.

La Ensenada

La Ensenada is the island’s exclusive romantic resort. Nestled three kilometers behind Punta Arenas it is the lodging for those who wish to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city.

Amenities in the area include romance, relaxation, a spa, two restaurants, a cocktail bar, swimming pools and a world-class fitness centre.

Playa Lancheros

Travel twenty minutes from the city and you will find Playa Lancheros at the top of the list when it comes to resorts. An ideal offering for those who prefer the calm and still waters of the Caribbean coast.

It offers an ideal romantic setting for honeymooners, with accommodations that combine romance and privacy.