10 Exotic Vacation Spots

Many people dream of going on an exotic vacation. Gorgeous beaches and lush vegetation surrounding you as you relax with friends on the shoreline of some of the most beautiful places on earth can be an exciting thing to imagine. When it comes down to actually going, you may want to know about ten of the best exotic vacation spots so that you can choose the one that is right for you.

Aruba is an amazing place to leave the world behind and soak up the sun on the pristine beaches while you enjoy world class resorts. The incredible blue ocean will have you wishing you could stay on this island paradise forever.

Bora Bora is the kind of place that you could count as a once-in-a lifetime dream vacation. Whether you prefer breathtaking mountains or azure lagoons, the scenery is straight out of the movies.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is famous for the sparkling beauty of its beaches where you can watch either the high waves of the Pacific Ocean or the calm water near the Sea of Cortez.

Costa Rica is an affordable place to go that not only offers the beauty of beaches but the excitement of active volcanoes. The natural wonders of Costa Rica also include the rainforest and many exotic animals. It can be the perfect spot for an exotic vacation.

Hawaii is the ultimate vacation spot to leave behind your worries and problems. The journey to Hawaii will leave you relaxed, refreshed, and full of new energy. It can be the perfect spot to recharge once you take a load off of your mind and body.

India offers the exotic wildlife of a safari tour where rare species from all over the world can be seen. The cultural heritage of India is also preserved in the form of its different cultures and traditions.

Ipanema is not only famous for the song about the girl, but for the twin mountain peaks, the dazzling beach, the dazzling nightlife, and the exciting nightlife at night. You can shop for clothes and jewelry in the local markets and visit the beach where massages and facials are the specialty.

Jamaica is away from the tourist trail but still offers a lot to the visitor. The perfume of this island is world famous so the scenery you will see when you are out on the beach is something you can look forward to.

Paradise Beach on the isle of Mykonos in Greece is an incredible vacation spot with the turquoise Aegean Sea,the golden sandy beach,the ruins ofago Machala, dinner cruises, and the nightlife.

Thailand is colorful and diverse. The two most popular destinations are Krabi and Phuket. Krabi is located in the Gulf of Thailand and is a favorite for the many night clubs and bars. Phuket is the more peaceful destination but is also a favorite for the active traveler who wants to know what the island has to offer.

The Caribbean is representative of the eastern Caribbean. It has a lot of barrier reefs and various other natural marine life. The reef system of the Caribbean is outstanding.

You can go to Nicaragua or Costa Rica, but since their eco-tourism programs are not cheap, it is recommended that you travel independently and get your own vacation. If you are traveling independently, allow at least a week to a couple of months to see and do the following:

The St. Lucia eco-resorts allow you to sleep in their hotels under sail. You get a suite of bunk beds and a single hostel bed. You share the bathroom in a dormitory with strangers.The Paradise eco-resort is the most popular and it is a lifesaver. But since it is a very small resort, you might feel crowded and lonely.

Most of the resorts in the Caribbean are family friendly. Your kids will definitely love the all inclusive kid’s club. When you take your kids with you, they will be less cranky in the evening and more open to new and different experiences.

You can go to a lot of island vacation resorts and beaches. The kids will have a more relaxed vacation since you are not scrambling around at the resort. During the day time, you can go snorkeling, surfing, and visit a lot of beach bars. When night falls, they can go dancing or do their favorite thing, watch Disney on the beach.

In these vacation destinations, you will not have to worry about your elderly parents, house pets, or the kids’ friends. You can be their guide and babysit their favorite foods, comfort them with their company, and be their porch sitter when they want to be.

Everyone needs a vacation and in this day and age, it is easier than ever to take a break to cool off, overseas. Traveling to another country can be the greatest experience of a lifetime.